Giuseppe D'Amato




La disUnione Sovietica

The Soviet disUnion










Russia 1991-2011. The 'relegated' superpower
The first steps in the market economy
The new Russian capitalism

From the Soviet power to the contemporary Russia

From the Communist party to United Russia

Moscow, the coveted capital
Year 2008, the crisis. The return to reality

The exploitation of the labor forces

The desperation of the small business

Young people and their future
Oligarchs as famous football players
Russian women in business

A full of problems society
Women in distress
The peculiarity of 'Khalim!'

Caucasus, the bleeding wound

Zakhar Prilepin: Russia, the risk of decomposition
A better life in the Soviet epoch?

CIS, Yesterday and Today
Year 1992, the rude awakening

The first decade of the new century
The religious radicalism
The dangerous Afghan infected wound
The Silk Road or the Drug Road?

The obsession of the new 'pipeline'
Mass migration

Searching for historical roots

The slow detachment from the common Soviet past
The legacy of frozen conflicts


The European area - Towards the continental integration
Ukraine, a country in eternal transition
The Orange Revolution
Viktor Janukovich, the man of the oligarchs
Sevastopol, the town of the Fleet
The Tatar unresolved issue in Crimea

The hell of the mines

Belarus, a "supported" off-shore
The grim legacy of Chernobyl
Moldova, young people in an uproar

Caucasus – The complex tightrope between East and West
The puzzle of the Caspian region
The resurgent Turkey
The unpunished Holocaust
Armenia, “resist!”

Azerbaijan, dreaming of a new 'Kuwait'
A flood of refugees
Georgia and its fragmentation
Year 2008, the Russian-Georgian painful divorce

The Asian area -  Among China, Islam, and the West
Modern khanates: “I have a family!"

The explosive Ferghana Valley
Xinjiang, Beijing’s torment
The populous Uzbekistan
Adolescents in the plantations
The Aral Sea and the great thirst
Kyrgyzstan, the lost bet
Kazakhstan, the giant.

Astana: the 'Brasilia' of the steppe.
Turkmenistan, the cult of the excess
Tajikistan, the daily fight against poverty.

Main chronology

A conversation with
Richard Pipes – Russia's unpredictable nature
Sergio Romano - Russia, former USSR and the globalization
Andrei Ryabov - In defense of the 'status quo' in the post Soviet area

Economic data (USSR and former Soviet republics)




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